Get Involved

Getting Involved TODAY will make your transition to MEDITECH a breeze and ProjectONE a success.  There are many opportunities to get involved ranging from talking to a ProjectONE Expert to obtaining training. 

Connect with a ProjectONE Expert.  They can assist you with understanding how ProjectONE will impact your daily routines AND how to leverage MEDITECH to reduce frustration on October 1, 2015.

See the New Applications in action. ProjectONE Experts will be in the Physician Lounge daily to provide demonstrations and discuss the project.  They are also available to attend your meetings to demonstrate and discuss.


Review Order Sets and Physician Documentation Templates.  Order Set and Documentation Templates will make using MEDITECH easier, simpler, and less time consuming.   During the review you will provide direct feedback to the team on changes to enhance the templates to meet your needs.

African American doctor with tablet and patient, horizontal

**Please note, Orders and Documentation Templates are diagnosis and specialty based.  Changes may require additional vetting to ensure it meets everyone's needs.

Get Trained.   Online Training will be available on July 20th.  In-Person Training will begin August 10th.  Both Online and In-Person training are needed to ensure the highest level of success using MEDITECH.


Get Trained Today...