Insight Into: Integrated Testing

Integrated Testing is a key phase of the ProjectONE implementation. To learn more about this process, which includes more than 100 people working over multiple days for multiple cycles, we asked Freya Sutton, Testing Project Manager, a few questions:

  1. How many MEDITECH implementation tests have you managed?
    1. My title is Testing Project Manager.  I have been working in this industry for about 30 years, 11 of those years with InfoPartners during which I have managed testing for about 15 implementations.
  2. How would you describe Integrated Testing to someone who has no clue about it?
    1. Integration Testing is an inspection process, where the individual applications are combined and tested as a group. Prior to Integration Test, each application is tested to assure their own functionality.   However, Integration Test tracks data that crosses between the individual applications and assures that each of the parts are talking to each other.
  3. In one word, how would you describe Cycle 1 of testing this week at Phoebe?
    1. Effective
  4. Elaborate a little on your one word:
    1. All testing on this scale is chaotic no matter how organized or controlled. But it was effective for multiple reasons - 2 of which are:
      1. The SuperUsers were able to participate and gain knowledge of the system, as well as confidence in their abilities to support the end user at go live
      2. We found issues and this is a good thing. That is what the purpose of testing is - so that key issues can be resolved prior to go live.
  5. How are you feeling and what are your expectations for Cycle 2?
    1. We will have almost twice the number of test patients that we had in Cycle 1, providing more practice and experience for the SuperUsers that were present in the last cycle and opportunities for new SuperUsers participating in the second round. As I mentioned above, testing is an inspection process, so we welcome new SuperUsers participating (a new set of eyes so to speak) to help with the validation process.

Cycle 2 of Integrated Testing will begin Monday, July 27, 2015.

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