Meet a ProjectONE Leader

Jerry Colson - Registration Management Team

Why do you believe in ProjectONE?
• From the beginning I have seen this as an opportunity to bring about standardization and improvements across Registration. For years, it has been my goal to get the Registration staff consistent in how we ask questions to obtain and deliver information to and from patients and to improve the accuracy of the data.

What are 3 specific actions or measures that you took to increase engagement and get your team ready for MEDITECH implementation?
1. Exposing the staff to the system, which I made a requirement while the system was still under development. I felt that Registration would be faced with a tremendous challenge considering that we would be utilizing a completely new system with numerous new and modified processes. I knew that waiting until official training would be flirting with disaster on October 1.
2. I met individually with each member of my management team in a neutral location in order to create an open and inviting setting for conversation. I asked for their full support, and I walked them through what we are facing in terms of the conversion and the need to get their staff on board and energized. I asked what they would need from me, and I shared stories and quotes from Mr. Wernick and Joe Austin and explained that failure is not an option.
3. I am making it a point to lead by example. I have made a personal commitment to attend as many of the daily training sessions that we have and to talk to the staff about where we are going, what is expected of them and to request their support and commitment. I am driving training and development as it relates to this project from a Registration perspective. We conduct 3 classes per day (1 ½ - 2 hours), five days a week,
and have been doing so since April.

What’s one way you think this project has positively impacted your team – beyond October 1?
• The team knows that we care. They know that we have high expectations from them and that we want them to succeed and to win. Further, I feel that the team can see that Registration is an important component to patient care, and that the training sessions have created a common voice for Registration. Our staff feels valued and special.

Any advice for other departments looking to increase their team’s engagement with the project?
• I will answer this question by saying that I arrive to work at 6:30 a.m. daily in order to be present at the 7:00 a.m. classes. Lead by example … I will never ask my staff to do something that I am not willing to do.

Any of your team members you want to give kudos?
• This would be my entire team, but if I had to select anyone it would be: Terrance Malone, Julie Thompson, Michelle Giddens, Phillip Wright, Wanda Kirkland and Ryan Stroyls. They make up the Registration management team and they have jumped in fully to support this learning effort. They are engaged and excited, and their excitement has spread to the other employees.

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